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Performance By Design was established in 1998, and has two principal consultants:

Miles Macleod has many years' experience of helping organisations perform better. His work centres on helping clients ensure that their services, processes and products meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders.

Vicki Macleod has wide experience of executive coaching, consulting in management & leadership development, and human resources development.

Associates:  We work in collaboration with a network of professionals who share our goals and values, and offer capabilities which complement our own.


Miles Macleod
Telephone: +44 (0)1932 844 449 (UK business hours)

Miles Macleod 

Miles Macleod's work focuses on helping organisations perform better, through understanding the needs and viewpoints of their customers and stakeholders, and finding the best ways to meet those needs -- making decisions based on sound evidence.

Miles has a strong business and research background. He has many years' experience of consulting, across organisational change management, business research, user-centred design & evaluation, and managing knowledge in organisations.

Before setting up Performance By Design in 1998, Miles was in the Change Management practice at Andersen Consulting (Accenture). There he provided consultancy for numerous clients, and helped evolve the firm-wide approach to interaction design. He advanced his skills in change management, coaching and facilitation at the Center For Professional Education at St Charles, IL, USA. 

Previously Miles was the founding head of NPL Usability Services, providing consultancy on user-centred design and usability evaluation, and helping organisations establish capabilities in-house.  Miles has been involved widely in collaborative European research, and has extensive experience of helping projects achieve successful outcomes. 


Vicki Macleod
Telephone: +44 (0)7714 044 410 (UK business hours)

Vicki Macleod



Vicki Macleod is an accredited executive coach, experienced in management and leadership development.  She has many years' experience of work-based learning, with a strong record of success in enabling learning and improving performance.

Vicki's work for clients in the private and public sectors has included:

  • coaching managers and teams
  • helping organisations establish mentoring and coaching schemes
  • leading commercial research and evaluation activities
  • providing consultancy on talent development and performance management
  • leadership development.

A prime motivation is to help organisations build a learning culture, as well as encouraging and enabling individual development.

Vicki co-founded Performance By Design in 1998. Previously she led the design and delivery of the MA Learning in Organisations at the University of Brighton (1995-8), and worked on management development with a range of organisations.

Her background is in psychology (BSc, University of Bristol), African studies (MA, University of London, education (PGCE and Post-Graduate Certificate in Learning in Higher Education) and management learning.



  We work in collaboration with a network of professionals who share our goals and values, and offer capabilities which complement our own.